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Before we can restore Australia to its former glory, the People must regain control of our destiny. That means installing a set of laws that will guide us into the future: that is, a new Constitution.

Before we can restore sanity to our government system we must amend the Constitution to restore power to the people!

Before we can restore sanity to our government system we must amend the Constitution to restore power to the people!

Our current constitution was devised in the 1800s to unite six separate British Colonies into one Colony – it was never designed as a Constitution for the independent nation Australia has become. In the 114 years since it became our basic law, only eight minor amendments have been made to it: our Constitution is no longer suitable as the basic law of our great Nation.

We need a change. We need a Constitution written by the people to re-establish the sort of society we want and the sort of government we want.

Many will say that drafting a new Constitution is a daunting task and should only be undertaken by constitutional lawyers. But that is the last thing we want. It is up to ordinary Australians to say what they want. The constitutional lawyers can come along later and “dot the i’s and cross the t’s”.

In the year 2000, The Foundation for National Renewal was created and over the ensuing ten years more than one hundred ordinary Australians drafted a whole new Constitution for Australia. That Draft Constitution is now published for wide public discussion and amendment as required. Our hope is that after much consultation with ordinary Australians, a Final Draft Constitution can be put to the People in the form of a plebiscite to indicate broad public support. The Draft would then become a blueprint for gradual Constitutional amendment until some point in the future when a grand referendum of the People can be held to adopt a whole new Constitution that will guide our Nation through the 21st Century and beyond.

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However, none of this will happen unless ordinary Australians throw off their lethargy and work together. We can have a much better Australia but only YOU can make it happen. Start today by reading the Draft Constitution.

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The first draft of a Constitution for the soverign nation of Australia

The first draft of a Constitution for the sovereign nation of Australia


When you have read the Draft Constitution, Sign the Petition to change Section 128 of our current Constitution to allow ALL Australian voters the right to Initiate changes to the constitution.

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