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Mike Holt - CEO RestoreAustralia

Mike Holt – CEO RestoreAustralia

Are you tired of lying politicians, failed policies, politicians selling off public services and utilities, poisoning of our air, land and water, too many taxes? The political system is not working. Politicians are not serving the people. The 2-party political system has let us down….Badly!

RestoreAustralia is a fast-growing people’s movement of concerned citizens around Australia working to change the political System and put power into the hands of the people.

We are not a political party, nor do any of us get paid — we are all volunteers working together because we are patriots who want a better future for our nation..

RestoreAustralia has two goals:

RestoreAustralia to political sanity

RestoreAustralia to political sanity

1. To give all Australians greater control of our Constitution, and our government, by amending Section 128 of the Constitution to give ALL Aussies the right to initiate referendums. At the moment, only the politicians have this right and they are not exercising it on our behalf.

2. To get all Australian voters involved in writing a whole new Constitution. We have produced a Draft and made it available to the citizens of Australia to read and suggest amendments before we offer it for voting in a series of referendums….click on blue text to download a copy of the Draft Constitution

We do not believe multi-culturalism works. We do believe in immigration and integration. We want immigrants willing to come her legally, who will obey our laws and contribute to our society. We want immigrants who will come here and integrate. We will not accept anything less.

Feed The Farmers -- Shout a mate

Feed The Farmers — Shout a mate

Quick Links for more information:


RedDot-sml Video about ConstitutionRedDot-sml Political changes needed
RedDot-sml Download FREE Draft ConstitutionRedDot-sml Acquire paperback Draft Constitution
RedDot-sml Become a memberRedDot-sml Download/Print flyers
RedDot-sml Send Halal letters. Praise those who don't
pay for Halal, and protest those who do!
RedDot-sml Commonwealth Bank History

RedDot-sml About our Chairman, Charles MollisonRedDot-sml About our CEO, Mike Holt
RedDot-sml Get active. Become a member.
Members will receive….

RedDot-sml a Book version of the Draft Constitution autographed by Charles Mollison
RedDot-sml a monthly newsletter detailing our activities.
RedDot-sml access to downloadable files we might make available from time to time
RedDot-sml news alerts and other information

You can take action by doing any of the following:

  • Join us on Facebook here: RestoreAustralia (MikeHoltRA). Each day I post a message offering suggestions for everyone to take action. We are coordinating these activities so that united we have a huge impact. Working together, we can all make a difference with a big voice.
  • Get involved and register your interest in joining a Unity Congress. These will be a series of meetings of concerned citizens to read, discuss and suggest amendments to the Draft Constitution. We would like to see every Australian voter get involved in writing a real AUSTRALIAN Constitution, by the people for the people. You don’t need any specialized knowledge about law or the Constitution. The idea is to end up with a Constitution that will create a better future based on the needs and aspirations of We the People. To register your interest in joining, or helping organize a Congress in your area, Click here.
  • Talk to your friends, work colleagues, even strangers on the street about the activities RestoreAustralia supporters are engaged in every day.
  • Sign up to Become a Member — It costs time and money to keep doing our work. We are all unpaid volunteers, so please support us by becoming a member.
  • If you are too busy with your own life to get actively involved, you can still help by donating to support our work. Click here to Donate
  • or contact us to discuss your ideas or to offer any suggests or help. We welcome everyone’s contributions.



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