Mike Holt - CEO RestoreAustralia

Mike Holt – CEO RestoreAustralia

Are you tired of lying politicians, failed policies, state governments selling off public services and utilities, poisoning of our air, land and water, too many taxes? The political system is not working. Politicians are not serving the people. The 2-party political system they have imposed on us has let us down….Badly!

RestoreAustralia is a fast-growing people’s movement of concerned citizens around Australia working to change the political System and put power into the hands of the people.

We are not a political party, nor do any of us get paid — we are all volunteers working together because we are patriots who want a better future for our nation.

There is a growing call by We the People to change the current political SYSTEM. The 2-party system is not working. RestoreAustralia proposes a new, more “user friendly” system of government.

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Join RestoreAustralia to restore Power to the People

RestoreAustralia has two goals:

1. To give all Australians greater control of our Constitution, and our government, by amending Section 128 of the Constitution to give ALL Aussies the right to initiate referendums. At the moment, only the politicians have this right and they are not exercising it on our behalf.

2. To get all Australian voters involved in writing a whole new Constitution. We have produced a Draft and made it available to the citizens of Australia to read and suggest amendments before we offer it for voting in a series of referendums….click on the blue link to download a copy of the Draft Constitution. The Draft is the result of 12 years thought, discussion and writing by over 100 ordinary Australians. Please read it, consider the proposals and then send us your suggestions for amendment to [email protected]. The Final Draft will be the result of input from ordinary Australians like you….get involved….it will be your Constitution, written by you for a better Australian future.